Organic search drives

more than 50% of all website traffic.

Data shows, SEO if done right results in about 14.6% conversion. This is 8 times higher than traditional marketing. Let’s get started today!

Change starts with strategy. Strategy starts with change.

Change starts with strategy.
Strategy starts with change.

We build greater businesses through innovation and substantial Knowledge

Nexsquad LLP with NextGen strategies works towards excellence and empowering businesses with our creativity and brilliance

Grow Your Brand, Drive More Revenue

Innovative SEO strategies that increase your brand visibility and online revenue growth.

Rank Better

There's only one page in Google's search book that matters, the first page. Get your name on it with our organic SEO strategies to reach those who are searching for you.

Set New Goals

SEO is like evolution; it improves your online business with time and efforts. Our expertise ensures that you are constantly setting and achieving new online marketing goals.

Monetize Insights

Money matters, so make sure your investments are going in the right direction with data driven decisions that improve your website, products and services organically.

What we will achieve.


Keyword research to know what to rank for.


On-site and backend optimization to tidy things up.


Content and backlink generation to grow your domain authority.

seo things

SEO is not a quick fix marketing strategy.

It’s long-term.

Search Engine Optimization done right

Tailor-made digital marketing solutions to match your unique business needs.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competition is doing is winning half the battle. So, we study the market and your competition to draw up an online marketing strategy that can get the best organic results for you.

Technical Audit

Once on board, righting the wrongs is our first priority. With a thorough technical audit of your website we identify and isolate the issues that are affecting your online performance, before our SEO experts and developers set out to fix them.

Off-page SEO

Not everything we do happens on your website though. With Off-page SEO activities we tell the world about the amazing, SEO-friendly website of yours, generating high-quality backlinks to increase online relevance, authority and traffic.

Keyword Research & Selection

With careful keywords research and selection, we plan for winning the other half of the online battle. Our in-depth keywords research helps in drawing up an SEO strategy that helps you make informed decisions, always.

Content Strategy

Next up, we ensure that the messaging is engaging and meaningful for your target audience by optimising website content with relevant keywords. Just so you know, Google too loves content with the right sprinkle of keywords.

Optimising Conversions

After optimising your website for SEO, we set out to meet online business goals that matter to you the most – conversions and lead generation. With improved CTRs you can start expanding your business both online and offline.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Let’s clear some doubts first.

Short answer, yes you do.

Generally, over 50% of your website visitors come through Search Engines. Most of them are discovering your site for the first time after searching for a relevant keyword. Search engines like Google assign weightage to websites based on parameters like technical efficacy and content when showing results. To make sure that your website is in sync with those parameters and ranks at the top, you need SEO.

Sed Fringilla Mauris Sit There can be a number of reasons. You might be working with an active ‘Google penalty’ without even knowing it or maybe the SEO was not done correctly, or you are in a super competitive niche where your peers are deploying better digital marketing strategies. If you need help, call us up for a free SEO audit of the website.Nibh. Donec Sodales Sagittis Magna. Sed Consequat, Leo Eget Bibendum, Sodales, Augue Velit Cursus Nunc, Quis Gravida Magna Mi A Libero.

Google is constantly working towards delivering “more personalized search results”. In this quest, the company releases periodic updates to its search algorithms. A Google penalty or ‘action’ is applied when your website is caught violating one or more of its guidelines. Getting a penalty lifted can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year. That’s another reason why you should have an SEO expert on board to assist you.

Like we said, SEO is like evolution, you get better with time and efforts. You might start seeing initial results for some very obscure keywords within a few days of doing SEO. After a month, you will start ranking on more relevant keywords, and after a year, your SERP rankings will increase for even more focused keywords.

The ROI of SEO varies from industry to industry. Basically, it depends on how important it is for your business to come up as the top recommendation in search results? Let’s sit together to find out.

SEO can be a serious asset if online marketing is an important part of your business. Focused keyword selection and content strategy combined with a technically sound website can help you in bypassing competition and tapping new markets. The best part about SEO is that your conversions are completely organic and thus, help you in building genuine brand awareness and loyalty. Which, in turn, helps your organic revenue.

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